I spent 8 months living in New York, right in the thick of it on 14th St, Manhattan Island. It was kind of crazy, living right in the middle of the city that never sleeps,  but an amazing experience. I rented a studio space with some amazingly talented designers and typographers. I gained so much creatively being in their company and I think my work began to evolve from this point to the style I use today. I did an evening course at the Manhattan Graphics Center to refine my screen printing skills and the work I produced there was obviously hugely inspired by my surroundings...


I became ever so slightly obsessed with rats during my time in NYC. I used to spot them everywhere. That sounds disgusting, but I actually used to quite like spotting them. Obviously if you saw one in a restaurant you wouldn't be too happy about it, and you might decide it's best not to eat there again, but I often saw them running about the city parks, and there was something quite sweet about that!

As well as there being a lot of rats in New York, there are also a LOT of taxis.  I liked the idea that Manhattan rats would take a little rat taxi to get around the city.