This is a project I developed for Usborne Publishing. I had to work closely with the printers in Malaysia to find out what would and wouldn't work when it came to getting the best results from the 'magic'printing. As I was designing it, I would send over samples, they would print bits, we would test them and then work from there. I am really proud of this book and the subsequent titles that followed. I think we took what was and old concept of the traditional water colouring books that existed when I was a child, and turned it into something contemporary and fun.



Here are two sample pages. The black ink cleverly masks 'magic' ink which turns to colour when you add water. You can carefully colour inbetween the thicker black lines to create blocks of seperate colours, or go crazy and brush water over the whole spread to make a wash of all the colours across the page.

A little video that demonstrates how the book works: